Stars is inspired by the 80s, an irresistible attraction. The sparkling gold color, the embossed stars and the golden metal inserts create a combination in perfect eighties style. Because your summers are pure fun.

Stars is a collection of unique pieces made with 100% Italian Lycra and accurate manufacturing, able to bring out the design and details impressed on the fabric.


Bolamì has created a line of special cover-ups that you can wear at the beach, in the city or even for a special evening out.

The entire collection of Bolamì cover-ups is made in 100% Italian cotton and silk, with excellent manufacture in every detail, able to highlight the design and hug your curves. Always feel beautiful when you wear a Bolamì Suit


Lea is a romantic, delicate and feminine line. The print is an exclusive creation for Bolamì, because every girl who wears her swimsuit must feel unique and special. A line that will make you dream and feel beautiful.

The whole Lea collection is made with 100% Italian Lycra and an accurate manufacturing , able to brings out the design and make the seams invisible.


It is inspired by the ’50s and is created to brings out the feminine curves and fill the summers with color. An essential collection in Lycra with a watercolor effect, light and colorful that warms the heart.


The materials and the exclusive print are 100% Italian. The careful processing in every detail is able to enhance the design created especially for you. Have fun at the beach with your Lola.


Next summer inspired yourself by the light of the stars. @Swarovski crystals will illuminate your sunny days and your bright summer nights.

Shine On is a collection of unique pieces made with 100% Italian Lycra and an accurate manufacturing, able to bring out the shining details, bandage your shapes with an exclusive design, and make the seams completely invisible. Elegant black and sparkling Senape, that’s what you need for your vacation days.


This magical collection is the result of a passion for design and artisanal techniques, with truly unique handmade pieces using crochet techniques, 100% cotton yarn and working methods that highlight delicate shapes and bright colours.


This line features brilliant, shimmering details that bring to mind the bright, hot summers of the 1990s. Classic golden rings have evolved into new light and irony, while prints bring out Brazilian bikini bottoms paired with triangle tops, balconette bra, culottes and the essential One Piece.


Straight from Miami Beach, an essential collection in Lycra with a bright, light and colored effect. The inspirations of this season created Swimsuits that sparkle in shades of gold and plum, reflecting the sun rays.